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I began working with clay in the mid 90's with Kim Sacks in Johannesburg, South Africa, enjoying magical evenings in her beautiful studio.

When she invited me to join as an apprentice I leapt at the chance.

I trained with her for 3 years.


I went on to run my own home studio, teaching a variety of classes to all age levels. I produced hand-built work and thrown porcelain that was exhibited in the Kim Sacks Gallery. My stoneware bowls were featured on the cover of the National Ceramics Magazine and exhibited in the Ceramics Biennale. 


For 10 years, I focused on raising my four children and have returned to ceramics with a passion, rehoning my skills and teaching again. Since 2015

I have exhibited at West Dean craft fair twice and Made London Marylebone and Bloomsbury in five shows. I was selected for Celebrating Ceramics in 2021, 2023 and will also be there in July 2024


My work is primarily thrown porcelain and stoneware, though I also coil large  stoneware vessels. My work is clear and strong in form, yet very delicate and light with brushed and etched glaze evoking distant landscapes. I throw fine porcelain lampshades, jugs, teabowls and larger vessels. Please contact me to purchase work.

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